Bookkeeping is the process of tracking the operations of your business. Every transaction that occurs should be recorded in your books. This allows you to understand where your business is in a snap-shot, what’s working and what isn’t, and to file accurate and defendable taxes. Our firm not only ensures the accuracy of your books, but we organize them in a way that gives you insight into how to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

We exclusively use QuickBooks Online with our clients, and we can provide advantageous pricing through our wholesale license. This simplifies our operations and provides our clients with the high quality and affordable services we promise. Every business and owner is unique, so the below prices should be considered quotes, and we will work directly with you to find what works. All bookkeeping services start with an introductory month, where we will evaluate your needs and operate at an hourly rate. We will then work with you to come to a mutual agreement.

  • The basics involve QuickBooks online data entry, reconciliations, management reporting, state and local filings, and a CPA (me) as your resource.
    • For one-person shows, we can often provide this for as little as $250/month.
    • For slightly larger businesses, an average cost is $500/month.
    • If size, complexity, and number of transactions increases, we will discuss pricing with you.
  • If your business needs more hands-on financial management, such as planning and strategy, business communications, cash flow management, or a number of other services, we are glad to roll up our sleeves a bit more. This plan starts at $1,000/month.

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